Oily & Combination Skin


Cleansing and astringent, Willowbark has long been recognized for its soothing properties to calm blemish-prone skin. Rich in natural BHA that is an exfoliant, it’s used in many blemish products because of its ability to help reduce blemishes and clear pores. Our Willowbark extract comes from the Black Willow tree, grown in North America and is collected through traditional techniques from freshly harvested bark.

Shine Away Ionic Clay Mask

Willowbark extract helps to draw out impurities and remove excess oil
3.5 US Oz.

Shine Away Mattifying Day Cream Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15

A fast-absorbing moistuzer to mattify and control excess shine
1.69 US Fl. Oz.

Shine Away Invigorating Face Scrub

This face scrub helps exfoliate skin and reduce appearance of pores
2.5 US Fl. Oz.

Shine Away Mattifying Cleansing Mousse

A cleansing mousse to rebalance the complexion and remove excess oil
5 US Fl. Oz.

Shine Away Mattifying Toner

Willowbark helps this toner purify, absorb shine and tighten pores
8.4 US Fl. Oz.